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The main products are: continuous switching melt filter, spandex filter, sampling valve and bottom discharge valve, etc


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Bag filter import and export direction is to use side in bottom out of the way (bottom may be adopted into thebottom out of the way), press the filtering liquid medium by the pressure in the pipeline into or smoke into filter barrels, filtering through the electrolytic polishing liquid medium punching support filter basket supporting surface of the filter bag, produce an ideal solid-liquid separation. To achieve the effect of liquid medium to be filtered. Due to liquid medium inflows into the filter from the top of the filter bag, the liquid can be distributed evenly in the filter bag filter surface, make the whole level of basic constant fluid distribution, and the negative impact of turbulent flow is small, good filtering effect.
Filter bag material:
Non-woven filter bag; PP polypropylene filter bag, PE polyester filter bag, mesh filter bag; Nylon mesh filter bag, stainless steel mesh filter bag, special filter bag; Oil filter bag, oil suction bag, activated carbon filter bag
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