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Main Machinery

Main Machinery

High tech enterprise integrating design, R & D, sales and service of industrial fluid filtration equipment

Jiangsu Main Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu main and mechanical technology co., LTD. (former wenzhou main chemical fiber machinery co., LTD.) is a set design, research and development, sales and service in the integration of industrial fluid filtration equipment of high-tech enterprises, strong technical force, advanced production technology, processing and testing equipment, perfect professional manufacturing enterprise, the company is located in jiangyin YunTing industrial park in wuxi city, jiangsu province,the environment elegant, convenient traffic.

Main Machinery

The company's main products are: continuous switching melt filter, precision filter, fiber filter material liquids, aramid fiber filter, filter core, melt jacketed three-way valve, valve, cut-off valve, thesampling valve and the kettle bottom discharge valve and so on dozens of series of products, products with its novel and unique design, advanced technology and exquisite technology, scientific and strict quality testing, having a unique style in the filtering equipment manufacturing at home and abroad, is widely used in petrochemical, fine chemical, chemical fiber, metallurgy, paper making and special medium filter processing and other industries.

Main Machinery

Main and people always pursue "technology as the forerunner, quality as guarantee, by the good faith for the guidelines, service as the goal" business philosophy, constantly improve, promote industrial upgrading, to all kinds of fluid filtration and separation technology in the field of product development,constantly to meet the demand of the market at home and abroad, will be "CPF - CP" constantly push theworld.

Ideals, unyielding, challenge themselves, the good faith, high quality is the main person eternal pursuit, "main" willing to work with you and create better future, welcome new and old customers come to visit our company, or inquire.

Main Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

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Main Machinery
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