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The main products are: continuous switching melt filter, spandex filter, sampling valve and bottom discharge valve, etc


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Electric scraper type self-cleaning filter Pneumatic scraper type self-cleaning filte .

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Electric scraper-type self-cleaning filter / Pneumatic scraper-type self-cleaning filter is a new type of high-efficiency scraper-type self-cleaning filter, which can automatically remove the particles and impurities on the inner surface of the filter core by mechanical or air cylinder. Online filtering. The electric scraper-type self-cleaning filter / pneumatic scraper-type self-cleaning filter is mainly designed for high-viscosity filtration.It is suitable for viscosity up to 800,000mPa.s, with an accuracy range of 30-1500 microns, precise filtration, and can quickly scrape impurities away from the filter element. The surface can effectively remove more impurities, suitable for the filtration of water and various viscous liquids. High-performance, high-quality, high-reliability standard design and manufacturing, to achieve world-class quality. Traditional filters are frequently clogged when filtering viscous materials and soft impurities. Only large filters or frequent manual cleaning can be selected, which requires large investment, heavy work, and serious waste of materials. The scraper-type self-cleaning filter easily solves such problems with advanced self-cleaning methods. It always keeps the filter element clean and discharges waste liquid containing high-concentration impurities to reduce material waste. It filters poor water quality water and adhesives, resins, Polymer, grease and other viscous materials have obvious advantages and higher efficiency.
Main performance parameters:
Main specifications of disc scraper self-cleaning filter:
■ Filter element form: wedge-shaped wire slit type, punching mesh type;
■ Optional accuracy (um): 25-3000; 
■ Filter area (cm2): 720-20000;
■ Housing material: 304, 316L, CS, etc .;
■ Applicable viscosity (cp): 1-800000;
■ Applicable temperature (° C): 0-200;
■ Working pressure (MPa): 0.6, 2.5;
■ Cleaning start mode: time start, differential pressure start;

Filtration area (m2)


0.22 0.41 0.71 2.13 2.84

Number of filters


3 4

Volume (L)

~ 4

~ 24 ~ 42 ~ 175 ~ 620 ~ 760

Import and export size


DN50-DN80 DN65-DN100 DN80—DN125 DN100-DN150 DN150-DN250

Outlet size


Applicable liquid

Water and viscous liquid (<800 / 000mPa.s), impurities <1000ppm

Filtration accuracy


Standard design pressure

l. 0MPa, higher design pressure can be customized

set tempreture

0-200 ° C (depending on the seal)

Cleaning pressure difference

50-100KPa (Depending on liquid viscosity)

Differential pressure meter

Pressure transmitter / differential pressure transmitter

Import and export connection standards

Flange, HG20592-2009 □ standard design) , HG20615-2009 □ compatible with ANSI B16.5 port; DIN11851 round thread union

Case wetted material

304 / 316L / CS

Piston rod material


Scraper material

PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene

Housing sealing material

NBR / EP DM / VITO N / Silicone rubber / FEP coated silicone rubber

Filter element sealing material

NBR / EP DM / VITO N / Silicone rubber / FEP coated silicone rubber

Piston rod seal material

NBR / PU polyurethane unitary purpose / VITON

Drain valve

Full-bore pneumatic ball valve, single-acting or double-acting, 304/316 common supply requirements

Custom design

Jacket design, passing heat conduction oil or steam, maintaining liquid temperature and fluidity,
explosion-proof design, including instrument and control system, safe filtration of flammable and explosive liquid
food grade design, safe and hygienic, easier to clean

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