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The main products are: continuous switching melt filter, spandex filter, sampling valve and bottom discharge valve, etc


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AJacketed Melt Five- way Valve

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A jacketed melt five-way valve is a valve. Made up by four jacketed globe valve. Used to change the process flow of the medium control the confluence of multi-channel medium or shunt way. Material from imported into four export discharging, four exports can be two on two off, also can open all at the same time. Operation method according to the requirement of the production process.
Jacketed high temperature melt five-way valve design can be used according to the customer requirements in rotary five-way valve (the valve stem is open or close to rotary reciprocating motion) and ordinary jacketed five-way valve (the valve stem is open or close to linear reciprocating motion) two kinds, as shown in the diagram.


Operation method Manual, electric, hydraulic

Special specifications, materials, and media flow are customized according to customer requirements. No dead ends, high at all

The vacuum state is also applicable. Mode of operation: electric, wheel drive.

Inspection and acceptance PAI STD 598
Valve design ANSIB16.34
Jacket material 304/316
Inner tube material 304/316 / 304L / 316L
Applicable medium jacket Heat medium HTM
Applicable medium inner tube Ester, prepolymer, melt
Design temperature jacket ≤330 ℃
Design temperature inner tube ≤360 ℃
Valve diameter DN25-DN400 2 "-16"
Pressure level jacket 0.6-2.5MPA 150LB
Pressure level inner tube 0.6-42MPA 125LB- 2500LB
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